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Ivan Modlinger-Ali

Was brought up a buddhist, his parents practicing tai chi and yoga regularly always inspired Ivan in that way of being. Ivan first met Qi-gong 8 years ago and has practised Yoga, Qigong on and off through out his life. Having realised the incredible effect it had on his well being & mental health he chose to complete his training as an advanced Qigong teacher at “The Shiatsu College” in London. Ivan is a qualified Reiki therapist and has an amazing healing touch, his aim is to help others through there healing journeys of love, belief and contentment with in. He has been working with young people and adults with special needs and troubled teenagers for over 10 years now and loves to help in anyway possible.

In his late twenties Ivan was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder with severe depression so took some time out to learn how to manage his illness with healing and growth. He finds that a regular Yoga & Qi-gong/meditation practise, healthy fresh & balanced diet, regular exercise helps manage his illness without having to take prescribed medication.

Ivan has experience helping & teaching at retreats in East Sussex & abroad as well as with in his local community. He plans to work with people within the mental health sector introducing them to Qi-gong and the amazing power it has to help manage our well being.

Ivan is a life guard & first aid trained. He will guide you on mindfulness walks exploring coastel paths, hidden caves, wildlife, snorkelling in private coves and teach outdoor Qigong & Meditation classes amongst natural beautiful sceneries.

Qigong is a Chinese health method that is over five-thousand years old which combines slow graceful movements with mental concentration and breathing to increase and balance a person’s vital energy. Shibashi Qigong form is suitable for persons of all ages.  Those persons in below average physical condition or the very elderly can do this form by doing fewer repetitions of each movement or by slightly modifying some of the movements.

It has been popularly referred to as Chinese yoga.

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