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Enjoy a nourishing Retreat in a serene magical location where you can connect back to nature,
bring attention to where you need it most and feed yourself earthy goodness.

With daily uplifting Qigong Meditation & Yoga classes, a healthy nutritionally balanced diet & a place of peace and tranquillity you will feel energised, nutritiously inspired, relaxed & loved in mind, body & soul.

Join us for a Healing Adventure! ૐ

Affordable Retreats in The stunning Lake District,
Quaint Countryside of Kent & The Jewel of the Balearic Islands Minorca.

Give yourself the time to reflect, create positive affirmations,
manifesting your dreams & desires enabling you to reach your true potential.

· Stay in a peaceful environment, allow yourself to relax, let go of your worries and indulge in calming your thoughts
· Learn to accept yourself for who you are and embrace your inner beauty and light
· Become part of a new support network of like-minded people and make new and lasting friendship connections
· Lose weight naturally and holistically to attain your healthy true self
· Strengthen your mind and body
· Allow yourself time to heal and forgive
· Enrich your nutrition by listening to your body’s dietary needs

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“Just returned from a week’s retreat in Menorca with Amber and Ivan. What a wonderful life changing experience. Beautiful weather, food, location and most importantly people. The island is stunning and you have plenty of free time to explore the lovely walks and beaches. Starting our day with Qigong on the cliff with the sun on your face is a memory that will stay with me for a long time and Amber’s yoga classes are the best I have been to. We managed all our classes outdoors and even watched the moon on the rooftop on the last evening. I have come home feeling so much more at peace with the world and life.
Thank you for the experience I will definitely be back. You are an amazing couple xx”

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